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Thank you Edelweiss and Pocket Star for this read.

The first one was more interesting, but I loved the second one too. At the end of the first one, everything was going down for Kasie. Dave caught her cheating ana Kasie didn't know what to do about it, because she could lose her job, her life, her prestige. And in this one, Dave is beginning to treat her as a whore (sorry for bad language), he's threating her in so many ways. But of course Robert is determined to save her, but Kasie wants to do it all by her ways. And she succeeds too. But after that, she realizes that she's losing herself in Robert Dade's actions.

It was well written, I enjoyed the story. But it also made me angry too. Dave was really annoying and Asha was the same too. Just like in the first one, I’m wondering what will happen next. I think Robert will show his real face in the third one.