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At the beginning I was uncertain about the book. But after I started the book, I saw that I was wrong. I liked the fiction, and I liked the characters as well. In the book there is a woman who's trying to find her identify and starting to hate being perfect all the time. Our main character Kasie is going to Vegas to have fun for one last time before she marries. Her friend insists her to sleep with a stranger but Kasie can't think herself that way. But she meets a guy and then she loses herself, her mind and jumps to bed with him (actually it was not a "bed" but whatever). It was supposed to be just one night, but then guy finds her in real life and hires her for himself. And Kasie doesn't know who herself anymore. Should she break up with her fiance, or not? And at the end of the book, something happens so big, a enormous cliffhanger, you're starting to bite your nails and looking forward to next book.

As i said at the beginning, I love the book. In my opininon she should have dumped her fiance, but then there wasn't a cliffhanger, right? I'm looking forward to next ones.

2nd book Exposed will be released in March.
3rd book Binding Agreement will be released in May.